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  • Company in the making since 1999
  • Established in 2005 in Spain
  • First company of its kind in Spain
  • World leader in cannabis genetics
  • Specialized in breeding medical properties
  • Using Gas Cromatography for breeding since 2012
  • Owning a private lab with GC since 2014
  • Focused on high-CBD strains for medical use
  • Operating in more than 20 countries
  • Over 5 million annual visits at the website

Brief history

Dinafem was born more than a decade ago, back in 2005, when a group of expert breeders with ample experience in the growing field decided to meet in order to set up a tailor-made seed bank. There were only two rules we swore to strictly follow:

  • Never launch anything we wouldn’t be delighted to consume.
  • Make sure all our customers are treated as we would have liked when we were just anonymous

With these values as our guiding principles, we work in what we most like, creating, experimenting and innovating with cannabis strains and genetics, and having fun while doing so. We were the first to produce feminized seeds in Spain. We have grown to become market leaders in Spain in sales, in online positioning and in the creation of a solid international sales network, operating in over 20 countries all over Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
Everything worked out incredibly well and now, ten years later, we are proud to say Dinafem Seeds is one of the most important cannabis seed banks in the world. However, what makes us especially proud is the fact that we have succeeded not only in sticking to our way of seeing life but also in enjoying every step we take on the path that has, in turn, led us to discover extraordinary people and places.

As front runners in the improvement of autoflowerings overall quality, we have the best catalogue of autos on the market, after 8 years of breeding and working with up to 16 generations. Critical + Auto, Moby Dick Auto, Amnesia Auto, OG Kush Auto, Bubba Kush Auto, Cheese Auto are just some of the autoflowering strains we have created and are now among the best in the world. We are the original creators of world-renowned feminized cannabis seeds such as Critical +, Moby Dick, Original Amnesia, Cheese, Industrial Plant, Dinachem or Critical Jack although we work with the entire line of Californian genetics as well, with OG Kush, Purple Afghan Kush, Blue Dream or Green Crack, but to name just a few.

Thanks to our private laboratory, the first in Spain, where we analyze male and female samples in order to improve the selection of our genetic lines, we are also leaders in the breeding of strains that are high in CBD or in other cannabinoids. After a thorough selection process carried out in our lab, we have developed the largest catalogue of CBD-rich strains on the market comprising the best CBD-pure seeds ever to be made. We recently established a strategic alliance with a Canadian company devoted to industrial farming and provide them with genetics for their immense greenhouse facilities.


Dinafem Team has indeed become bigger, but, what started as the passion of a few has ended up being a collective adventure that, fortunately, keeps all the initial values intact: a wild love for the plant, a deep respect for the customer and a constant motivation to keep on learning and innovating.


Before being producers, at Dinafem Seeds we have been anonymous buyers of cannabis seeds. That’s why it is one of our main priorities to provide our customers with the service and the seeds we would love to get. For doing so, we try to focus on what is known as R+D+I, which, when it comes to us, consists in studying and investigating every genetic, every plant, every new strain as thoroughly as possible with the aim of launching only those that we would be happy to consume.


Personal approach to customers

Developing a top-quality product is not the only thing that matters. In fact, a close, personal approach is essential to making our customers feel at ease. This can be achieved by establishing a relationship of trust among people, and, since we do not forget where we come from, Dinafem Seeds always answers to its customers on a case-by-case basis.
That’s why we are here today; because this kind of gatherings allows us to meet first-hand our customers, learn from them and help them work better with our genetics. It is, after all, a virtuous circle from which we all benefit. Each of your tricks, your growing practices, your reviews or your comments is pure gold for us. A great opportunity for improvement that we always take advantage of in order to grow better and better every day.

Product lines:
– Feminized seeds
– Autoflowering seeds
– CBD Rich seeds
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