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Since its birth, Cbweed apply itself in the development of a widespread sales chain and in the self-production of top quality light cannabis, throughout the italian country. The brand has to transmit the professional know-how from where its founders come from, detaching itself visually and qualitatively from all the other competitors. The foundation of a franchising expressing these values was the basis of the commercial strategy. The outdoor and greenhouse plantations branded Cbweed are already developed in Italy, the quantity is calculated so that they can sustain our existing market and the one we are building day  to day. Cbweed is dynamic, resilient and structured.


The biggest italian franchising of hemp products

43 stores in Italy. Cbweed is a brand leader in the field of cannabis light and hemp products in Italy. Over than 70 hemp products 100% natural in catalogue such as cannabis light, cbd oil, food products, natural cosmetics and merchandising.


During Summer 2018 we have grown more than 25000 plants of cannabis light all over the country. The growing methodology is been both outdoor and greenhouse. The results, qualitatively speaking, have been excellent. Our self produced variety of cannabis light « OG KUSH CBD » is already on sale in over than 600 store all over Italy.

The traceability of all our products

After a long and meticulous selection of the best italian hemp product, Cbweed is proud to provide all the chain purchase of its products. On every packages you can find the production establishment, tha analysis and the shelf life, in accordance with the law. We have an active blog with 2 weekly articles useful both to the operator and to the final client. Our social post daily. Radio advertising all over Italy and spaces on newspaper. (cc) 2017 | Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme based on: Baskerville 2 by Anders Noren.

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